Short Film About Skins Subculture, feat Vicky McClure

Tuesday 24th November 2015

'Beverley' is a short film by UK filmmakers Urban Edge Films, who unite a host of British talent in a gritty, stylish coming-of-age story. Director Alexander Thomas (The UnDream, Entropy) works with producer Cass Pennant, with Skins star Laya Lewis delivering an impressive performance as a troubled teenage girl of mixed-race identity seeking respect within a gang of male youths on a white suburbian estate, in 1980 Leicester.

With 2-Tone music as the cultural backdrop to the film, the story of Beverley's journey from ghetto to suburbia symbolises the death of one chapter in British history and the birth of another. Beverley also stars This is England’s BAFTA winning actress Vicky McClure, and newcomer Sennia Nanua. 

Watch the trailer below

Fred Perry fav, Stone Foundation did a track for the film which features clips from the film.

The next screening will be on 29th November at Skamouth. For a full list of screenings, head here.

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