Menace Beach

Psych-indie from Leeds

Thursday 14th May 2015

Another stand out example of new music from Dot to Dot 2015. 

Menace Beach are a psych-indie duo from Leeds, UK, led by Ryan Needham (vocals and guitar) and Liza Violet (vocals, keyboards, guitar), as well as assistance from Hookworm’s singer Matthew ‘MJ’ Johnson on guitar and production duties, Nestor Matthews from Sky Larkin on drums and Matt Spalding on bass.  

The band release their debut album Ratworld  19th Jan 2015.

Recorded at MJ’s Suburban Home studios during the summer of 2014, Ratworld is a thirteen song journey through a psych-tinged wonderland, with the band waving goodbye to the fractured rubble of an unhappy lifestyle, they take comfort in chaos, looking around at their perfect mess and feeling deeply content.

"We’ve created our own grubby little Ratworld to inhabit. Everything is better when it’s a bit grubby and broken.” - Ryan


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