Synth-pop at its finest

Saturday 9th May 2015

Innovative and infectious synth-pop trio, Prides burst onto the internet last year with their track 'Out of the Blue' which lived on the top five of the Hype Machine. The Glasgow based trio formed in 2013 out of the ashes of several local bands.  

Having shared stadium stages with Blink 182 as well as for the Commonwealth Games, Prides is a world less concerned with hipster cool than getting songs hotwired into the listener’s brain, with a canny undertow of complex emotional resonance burrowed into their instantly appealing future classics.

“I think our songs lend themselves to playing live, where everyone is open and ready to party,” says singer/keyboardist Stewart Brock. “We pride ourselves in being able to win a crowd over.”

Although their two keyboards/one drummer line-up places them in a new breed of artists redefining what it means to be a band alongside Chvrches and Bastille, Prides’ sound has more in line with predecessors such as The Cure and Tears For Fears.

“I love those ‘80s bands who are energetic, poppy and immediate, but there’s a depth to them that you maybe don’t hear on first listen,” explains Stewart, Prides’ lyricist. “I want to recreate that feeling of brutal honesty dressed up in a charming appearance.”  

Prides now have a spectacular video for 'higher Love', due for release on March 23.

Hot off the back of a second sold out UK tour, the video proves what everyone is saying about this fantastic live band – they can turn anything into a hot euphoric gig, even a… bingo hall in Glasgow.

Singer, Stewart Brock says, ‘We once got a live review that said we play "every venue like it's an arena". That was where the idea came from for this video, and we decided to push that idea as far as we could. So it's a full on Prides performance; smoke, lights, balloons, confetti, pyro, but during a Bingo game in a rather disinterested working men's club in Glasgow.

Prides will perform at Dot to Dot 2015.

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