Distinctive and bittersweet vocals

Sunday 5th May 2013

Teleman are a new three-piece who have emerged from the clatter and chaos of London to present their debut single ‘Cristina’, a gently propulsive song showcasing lead singer Tom Sanders’ distinctive and bittersweet vocals: “Cristina is so good / She makes me go across town / She makes me to lie down / There’s nothing in the way now”.

Produced by the legendary, former Suede guitarist, Bernard Butler, the limited 7” single will be out on January 14th through the Moshi Moshi Singles Club.

Backed by the equally stunning ‘In Your Fur’, a more guitar driven track that escalates in tempo and tension before demonstrating their psychedelic side. These tracks reveal Teleman’s innate ability for songwriting. The band’s simple, sonorous brew of guitar, drum and synths is not at all unusual, but with it they craft exquisite pop songs that instantly spark your musical curiosity.

Teleman are Thomas Sanders (vocals, guitar), Jonny Sanders (synths), Hiro Amamiya (drums) and Pete Cattermoul (bass). They will perform at Dot to Dot Festival 2013.

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