The 1975

Manchester indie-rock with emotional lyrics

Monday 20th May 2013

The 1975 are the best new band on everyone's lips in 2013 - not just being talked about, but everyone is singing their music which consists of incredibly addictive lyrics and powerful melodies. Their recent success has been heralded a clear sign that the demand for guitar-based music is back.

The 1975 are a band from Manchester who make indie-rock melodies with emotional lyrics about intimate, romantic and hedonistic topics. Their name came from a story remembered by lead singer Matthew Healy who, when aged 19, went for a walk whilst in Majorca and got lost and met an artist. They hung out and he gave him some books, one of which was full of scribblings like a diary, of a troubled man. The date was listed as 'The 1975'. This story stuck with Matt and he remembered it when they were coming up with names.

They have been on the scene for a while, having met at secondary school, but have been reluctant to push themselves commercially until now. Instead they chose to gig with friends' bands, growing and developing organically, without releasing anything until it was completely ready. Having been together nearly 10 years, the band finally felt ready to share their incredible songwriting talents, and have recently put out two EPs, with a debut album to follow in summer 2013 co-produced with Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, Foals). 

They have been compared to Peace, Palma Violets and Swim Deep, but the band do list themselves as in the same groupings as AlunaGeorge, Disclosure and The Weeknd, suggesting perhaps some material might start to be a bit more electronic, especially as some songs already so contain elements of this. 

The band describe their songs as the soundtrack to their formative years. 'Chocolate' is about an unhealthy relationship with a particular drug, and 'Sex' was written about a number of different girls who had created a lasting impact. 

The 1975 will perform at Dot to Dot Festival 2013

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