An energetic show at Dot to Dot

Saturday 13th June 2015

Filmed at Dot to Dot 2015 Nottingham’s Kagoule perform 'Glue' from their long-awaited debut album Urth, due for release on August 21st 2015 via Earache Records.

The prodigious teenagers have previously released a wealth of singles and are now ready to unleash a hugely impressive debut that not only belies their years, but proves they are one of the most exciting young bands in the UK.

Produced by Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys, M.I.A, The Fall) and Pete Fletcher (Childhood) Urth is an intense and forward-thinking listen from a band ready to step forward and shake things up. Despite their age, the band have formed a sound that is truly their own – dark, melodic, heavy and constantly evolving.

Urth by Kagoule is released via Earache Records on August 21st 2015. Pre-order it at www.kagoule.earache.com

Kagoule evoke the DC post-hardcore of Fugazi, the fuzzy grunge of Mudhoney and huge blast of current bass heavy guitar rock. Urth is a mesmerizing wall of sound. A warm, visceral noise which can quickly and effortlessly morph into glassy guitar chimes and melody. It is time to sit up and take notice when a band’s first ever demo, the ethereal Made Of Concrete, immediately makes waves with BBC Radio One, XFM Radio and the NME – all achieved with the band still in school.

Produced by Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys, M.I.A, The Fall) and Pete Fletcher (Childhood) Urth is an intense and forward-thinking listen from a band ready to step forward and shake things up. Despite their age, the band have formed a sound that is truly their own – dark, melodic, heavy and constantly evolving.

Ross Orton (Produced Arctic Monkeys 2013 “AM” and Drenge’s self titled debut album in 2013 and Undertow 2015) stumbled across Kagoule at a The Wytches gig in Sheffield.

"It's very rare on a wet and windy winter night in Sheffield you get blown away by the support band. Kagoule came saw and kicked my head off its shoulders, once I'd recovered and found my nerve I went over and demanded they let me into their world. That they did and sweet music was made. Kagoule are a mind bending band with infectiously catchy tunes. An honour to have them in my studio."

From guitarist Cai Burns’ Dinosaur Jr-esque squall and fuzz, to Lucy Hatter’s rumbling bass and vocal harmonies through to Laurence English’s off-kilter and intuitive drumming, Urth is a fully realised, intelligent and cohesive debut. Opening with recent single ‘Gush’, the album takes the listener on an unbridled and hedonistic journey. The groove-laden ‘Glue’ bleeds into the off-kilter ‘Damp Sand’, while ‘Made of Concrete’s outwardly sweet appearance contradicts its darker themes. The energy of the punk inspired ‘Empty Mug’, featuring Lucy’s blood-curdling, screaming backing vocals,  perfectly complements the soaring instrumental ‘[track name]’. Closing on the positively anthemic ‘It Knows It’, Urth is a consistently powerful and memorable listen.

Having already amassed over 230,000 plays on Soundcloud with ‘Gush’, Kagoule have just unveiled it’s bizarre and inventive video, which can now be viewed on YouTube. Of the video, singer and guitarist Cai Burrns says: “We saw a video of this guy in Brighton with telekinetic abilities. After many nights of searching we tracked him down to the dark, back table of the Hobgoblin pub. We sang our praise and asked him to teach us the ways of the TK. He stood, put his cold hands on our shoulders and admitted that it was only camera trickery. We had been fooled. Our heads hung in silence, until Lucy blurted “Camera trickery? We could well do with a bit of that. We’ve only got a few days to make a new video” His eyes lit up and a broad smile crawled up his face. Grabbing us by the hands he sprinted for the door, dragging us along behind him.”

The band have consistently impressed live, sharing stages with acts including The Wytches, Iceage, METZ and Drenge, as well as performing at Glastonbury Festival for BBC Introducing. As well as amassing a dedicated fanbase, they have been critically lauded by the likes of Rolling Stone, NME, Guardian, while receiving plays from the likes of BBC Radio 6Music and BBC Radio 1.

Kagoule have the unsettling knack of exploring the darker side of the human psyche, taking the listener on a journey around the less travelled corners of the mind. The hypnotic sound smells like the 90s but the teenage trio aren’t simply trying to emulate an era. As a band still in their infancy, Kagoule’s sound is an ever evolving beast.

The enigmatic Cai Burns explains in Rolling Stone magazine:

"Being born in '95 in England meant we kinda missed the Nineties," says guitarist Cai Burns. "It was at our first few gigs where we got people mentioning Smashing Pumpkins and Fugazi. The names meant very little to us. It was a world we hadn't even poked our noses into. I checked out some bands mentioned in a review of one of our gigs and instantly felt at home amongst them. A few long, dark days at my computer followed. What a religious moment it was finding Dischord Records...It just happens that when we play songs together they fall into that style. I try to write simple catchy songs but they always seem to end up a bit wonky and wrong."

Pete Fletcher (produced Childhood’s 2014 debut “Lacuna”):

“There's a lot to like about Urth. The guitar lines are some of the most exciting and inventive I've ever heard and the same for the drums; consistently ferocious but twisted and never what you'd expect. They have an amazing partnership. At the same time, they're not flashy or needlessly technical. Then, the connection between Cai and Lucy's vocal is just devastating at times - beautiful... But its the songs that set this record apart - the songs are just genius supported by a truly original approach to lyrics... A great band is the chemistry between its elements, and Kagoule have made pure gold with their alchemy - the fact its come from 3 school friends, still teenagers, just blows my mind." 

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