Art-rock meets Britpop

Wednesday 28th May 2014

The early 90s; as rave culture reached its peak and Brit-pop conquered the world, Harrison Koisser, his brother Samuel Koisser, and Douglas Castle and Dominic Boyce were born in Worcester, England. Drawn together through the most ordinary circumstances - they all went to the same college - they began to make extra-ordinary music. Since 2010 they have existed as Peace, a band who are leading the way for an exciting new generation of British guitar music. 

The dynamic in their music results from teenage forays into experimental music. An intelligent approach to genre-referencing and a love of art-rock staples showed the band the possibilities of combining approachable and exciting music with avant-garde sensibilities. Peace have fused an intoxicating mix of styles together to create something new, exciting and hard to categorise.

They released their first single ‘Follow Baby’ in 2012 and were promptly snapped up by Colombia Records. 2013 saw the release of their acclaimed debut album In Love, with NME stating ‘This is their time.’ Their relentless touring up and down the country has left audiences blown away by sets that combine dance music, walls of noise and the pop that attracted their fans in the first place.

In February of this year Peace confirmed they were recording their second album, and have been announced to headline Dot to Dot Festival 2014. 
They have just dropped the lead single ‘World Pleasure’ which features lead singer Harry rapping - listen below. 

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