Evoking a Bohemian aura

Wednesday 6th May 2015

Brought up on music and art from an early age VITAMIN evoke a bohemian aura, inspired by the beauty of nature and the darkness that can exist beneath. Combining this enthusiasm with a playful approach to modern production techniques, the band paint a collage of spattered electronics and boundless pop songs fired by youthful urgency.

After posting their first recordings on Soundcloud last year VITAMIN received praise for tracks like free download 'Dancing on the Sun' from BBC Introducing Radio and blogs who likened the band to the spacey arrangements of Bombay Bicycle Club and electronic-pop of Friendly Fires, anchored by driving choruses speckled with M83 and Yeasayer-tinged electronics.

Summer track 'To Believe' debuted on Radio One in the UK by Phil Taggart whilst being described as 'wrapping funk-lite guitars and radio melodies in warm hues of pop saturation' by 'When the Gramophone Rings' Blog. Recently 'We Breathe Fire' articulated a more brooding side to the band with an ethereal verse leading to an anthemic chorus described online as 'psychedelic-electro-pop'.

Newest track 'Did it for you' was one of their most accessible song so far. With lush production and an infectious groove the track explores a passion and yearning within the band delivered with the characteristic colour and spirit that brought the song to the attention of XFM's 'Shock of the new' slot and a number of UK tastemakers online.

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