Get Ready,
The Collections

February 2024

For 2024, we continue to look to global nightlife and emerging, progressive subcultures around the world. This time, we focus on the preparation and anticipation of what’s to come - the joys of getting ready for a night out.

From choosing which shirt to wear and planning the route with your mates, to the joint playlists and CCTV selfies in the corner shop. Get Ready is a continuation of Night Tales, offering a new perspective and an ode to the rites and rituals of getting ready for a night out.

A celebration of Night Tales, we kicked off ‘Get Ready’ in the only way we know how – a party at London’s most iconic super club, Fabric.


After the catwalk show, we welcomed a DJ set from electronic duo TIBASKO, playing the hottest in house and techno. The crowd, dressed in their favourite Fred Perry, danced until close.


Designed to wear on your next night out. Dress up and wear the Laurel Wreath with confidence.


Shop the full collection online and tag us on social with #GETREADY #FREDPERRYSHIRT to become part of our future archive.