Celebrating 10 years of creativity, joyful Scottish fashion label Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY puts their stamp on a limited release Fred Perry Shirt inspired by the transformative power of getting dressed up.

“The screaming suns are characters that I've been growing over the years. They have different expressions and they all coagulate together to form tapestries. I saw them as representing all the trials and tribulations that we've gathered over ten years of doing LOVERBOY, so it felt really fitting to have them on the anniversary shirt. I love them and all the little expressions that change every time you look at them.” Charles Jeffrey

“Collaborating with Fred Perry is something that I really hold dear to my chest. It’s been really nice to illustrate all the aspects of LOVERBOY through Fred Perry and to have that subcultural validation. I always see loads of synergies between the two brands, so I’m really honoured to be able to have this as a little token of my 10th year.”