Sam Lambert


Sunday 24th April 2016

Sam Lambert

What do you do?
Art Comes First Designer

Where are you from?

Define your style in three words
History, Modern, Prospect

Fred Perry means Heritage, hand me downs, timeless classic.

How does the past inform your designs today?
Tradition, inheritance, nothing is new under the sun, we study what was done before us to bring it to now so that it can inspire the future, it's the 360 circle of creativity.

What role do people, travel and collecting have in your creative process?
People – Influence/ Educate
Travel – Inspire / Educate
Collecting – Reference / Research

How has your personal style evolved over the last decade?
More emphasis on tailoring and utility while maintaining good aesthetics. Lately more grey scale and a dark color palette. 

How does music influence the way you dress and design?
Music is the soundtrack to everything we do in ACF. You need a sound to your visual, touch, smell and taste. If dressing/design is inhale, you need music as exhale to breath. They all go hand in hand.

What does Britishness mean to you? 

Tell us about the first Fred Perry piece you owned.
To be honest I can’t remember, mainly because most of my Fred Perry’s have been hand me downs. I have two older brothers who I stole their tops from - from the crew neck T-shirt to bomber jackets. Don’t know if those count? But the first I ever bought myself was the Camisa Polo Fred Perry Slim, which I got from Portobello Market.

The Laurel Wreath has been worn as a badge of honour for over 60 years, inspiring the continual redefinition of identity and the non-conformist values of British culture.

Our aim is to explore the values and the personal connections to the brand by giving everyone, from collaborators to fans, the same brief to interpret as they like.

British… British to me means multicultural. Using the art comes first mad hatter as an example, I will say; it was the hat that was inspired by a vintage Australian hat bought in West London and customised under the influence of American rock artist with African heritage and then interpreted commercially at a factory in Italy, with felt from Portugal which finally ended up in stores in Japan and bought by a kid visiting from Brazil as a gift to his Swedish friend who was getting married in Jamaica to a Brit.


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