Beatrice Eli - The Conqueror vs Underground Kings


Monday 16th January 2012

Blue Monday you say? Feeling down for no comprehensible reason? Well...This track may not cure your depressive woes, but stick this in your ears as you walk through the greyish drizzle and it will compliment and enhance your mood, depicting imagery of that slow motion film sequence you always wished you starred in. This is the hypnotic Beatrice Eli with her new mash up 'The Conqueror vs Underground Kings.

This track is a penetrating fusion of crossed hip-hop and dub-step beats, subtle reverbed bass and high de-elevating single guitar plucks. Even though little elements are utilised, it creates a strangely europhoric but deeply resonating piece. Beatrice has a voice so perfectly equipped to handle the drama contained throughout, and elevate it to levels some would associate with films of the innovative nature.

Expect a lot to come from this collaboration from both sides. The single is to be released January 30th, with the video to follow a week later.

Listen below to be entranced.

Beatrice Eli - The Conqueror vs Underground Kings (Drake) Mash-Up by BeatriceEli


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