Black Grape

SubcultureLive - 100 Club / Thu 11th May

Wednesday 26th April 2017

Black Grape, fronted by legendary Shaun Ryder, played the iconic 100 Club for the very first time on Thursday 11th May 2017.
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Shaun Ryder is an undoubted British sub-cultural legend - forming the Happy Mondays in Manchester in 1980. The band signed to Factory Records and released two genre shifting albums ‘Bummed’ in 1988 and ‘Pills ’n’ Thrills and Bellyaches’ in 1990. Sweeping the nation from North to South with an image, street style and music firmly rooted in the northern casual and club movements. With the legendary Haçienda Club at the core of the scene - it propelled the Mondays' and their Manchester counterparts to global fame and notoriety.

Later Shaun teamed up with Kermit of Ruthless Rap Assassins, and together they remixed the diverse elements of the Madchester scene, funk and rap into their signature rapturous style. Once again creating something viscerally new, Black Grape became one of the biggest bands of the mid-‘90s, scoring a Platinum selling album with ‘It’s Great When You’re Straight….Yeah’.

Renowned for his influence on many other British musicians and sub-cultures, Shaun has also worked with Damon Albarn’s Gorillaz, providing guest vocals on their 2005 track ‘Dare’. And reunited with Happy Mondays for the sell-out UK performances.

For this unique gig - Black Grape will perform new material from their soon-to-be-announced, highly anticipated new album.

"We’re just expanding on what we’ve done really, know what I mean? But it sounds right on; we’ve still got it me and Kermit.”
- Shaun Ryder

Acclaimed Haçienda DJ, Graeme Park will play a special DJ set to compliment the night. Graeme Park became a champion of early house music from Detroit, Chicago and New York while working in a record shop in the early '80s. His groundbreaking DJ sets came to the attention of The Haçienda's Mike Pickering, who asked Graeme to DJ at the legendary Manchester club. He quickly became a central figure in the emerging dance music scene that swept Britain in the late '80s. As well as DJing, Graeme Park's remix and production credits include tracks for New Order and Eric B & Rakim.

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