Camel Power Club


Friday 16th January 2015

French duo Camel Power Club know how to make us smile. Earlier this year "Fisher" twitched the corners of our mouths with bouncy house rhythms and bright, jovial guitars. Bringing 30 excitable primary school kids to sing on new tropical disco ditty, "Laïka", has now got us beaming.

Much like the immersive experience of being young at school (the new sights, smells, sounds, Camel Power Club somehow manage to explore the five senses through music. Marimba-like instruments hark to wild sounds of music lessons; guitars appear so sweet they're almost edible; heck, even the jarred rhythm shakers oddly evoke the texture of playground bark chippings.

"Laïka" is fun, clever and puts a big grin on 2015. Happy new year.


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