Cassette's Won't Listen


Monday 5th September 2011

After three years and a cease and desist order, Cassette’s Won’t Listen’s “EVIN SPACEY” album was finally released on the 15th of last month via Daylight Curfew. Having first started producing music in 2004, Jason Drake has made an impact over the years. A culmination of which has seen him remix Gold Panda, The Death Set feat. Diplo as well as being remixed by the likes of Morcheeba among others. He is also creator of NY/LA based artist collective, Daylight Curfew, which showcases solo hip-hop and electronic producers, indie bands, and visual artists nationwide as well as hosting MTV2’s show Subterranean.

With the album title changed following a cease and desist order from actor Kevin Spacey, who was opposed to the adoption of his name for the title of Drake’s latest record, it is a shame that the album content cannot right the new, hurried moniker of “EVIN SPACEY.” Drake’s work falls prey, like the title, to a lacklustre direction. With no track really leaving a mark other than the single “Perfect Day,” one is left with a feeling of something better being just below the surface. Over the 14 tracks Drake dots between different musical styles; from the light dubstep tinged “The Echoes” to the indie-esque “The Walls,” it’s difficult to pin down where Cassette’s Won’t Listen’s sound truly lies and thus Drake’s presentation of indie electronica fails to break any new ground.

Nick Otter.


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