Cherry Red Records


What is your name? Where are you from?
John Reed. I work for Cherry Red Records in West London and live in Manchester.

What do you do?
I’m Operations Manager for Cherry Red, a many and varied role which includes helping to devise and curate some of our box sets.

Describe your style in three words?
Middle-aged ex-Mod. Is that four words?!

How should your music be listened to?
With an open mind and a big heart.

What do you miss about home when you’re on tour?
Well, I don’t tour but I do stay in London three days a week. I miss my family and Manchester’s down-to-earth charm.

What British music icons inspire your sound today?
In terms of our Indie compilations, I guess the landmark icons are The Smiths, Orange Juice, the whole Post-Punk thing and 60s bands such as the Velvet Underground and The Byrds.


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