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Monday 9th January 2012

Danja Mathari is the real name behind the singer Danja Atari. She lives and works between Düsseldorf and Cologne. As the daughter of a German mother, and a father with French Tunisian roots, she grew up in Berlin Schöneberg before moving to the Rhein-Ruhr-District with her mother. This is where she met the musicians and the producer of the group Tengu, which would develop into the artist collective "Tengu Basement". In 2005 she officially became part of this group and was soon baptized "Danja Atari", obviously referring to her own Tunisian name and the electronic direction her music was going to take.

Danja Atari is ambitioned electronic pop music with elements based in Trip Hop, Drum n Bass, and Techno. Danja sings in English and in French about sadness and happiness, about life's obscurities in general, and its humour and its mysteries.

In 2006, Danja Atari's debut Album "Shades of July" was released on the Label Z-Muzic, with the eponymous single following shortly after. In the same year Danja won the "Informatikstar Wettbewerb" a competition proclaimed by Motor FM and the Fraunhofer Institute, as well as Yahoo Music. In 2007, Motor Music decided to produce a Special EP of "Shades of July" of which the former Universal- and Motor-FM Boss Tim Renner said:

When North African sounds meet cool British Trip Hop, and then gets produced with North-German serenity, music has once again, thanks to Information Technology, become a global entity.

Within the scope of her diploma (next to her music Danja is a communication designer and illustrator) she started the international project Soundcultures. For this, she travelled throughout Europe collecting diverse musical impressions that she, together with her producers Sebastian Maier and Jerome Vazhayil, and by combining traditional and electronic sounds, created new songs

In 2010 Danja featured the song "Tonight" on the Album "Excursion with Friends" by the Berlin-based group Egotronic.

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