Eyesore & The Jinx


Thursday 26th September 2019

Name, where are you from?
Josh Miller, West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside.

Describe your style in three words?
T.K Maxx Realness.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
I lived in Manchester a few years ago. At that time, the best band in town was Brown Brogues. They launched their debut album with a show in the now sadly defunct Road House. I’d gone to see them religiously whilst I lived in Manchester but this gig stuck with me, and I’d like to think had a bit of an influence on what I/we do now. One of the few bands from that period that I genuinely miss.

If you could be on the line up with any two artists in history?
I don’t think we would want to be on a bill with anyone we sound too much like. Nor would I want to be on a bill who we’ve been influenced by - couldn’t be doing with the drama when they corner me for rinsing their ideas - so I’ll make this lineup nice an eclectic and say Wu-Tang Clan and I’d probably have Madge on as well. Your money's worth.

Which subcultures have influenced you?
Like the rest of the world, I’ve become enamoured with drag culture over the last few years. The Queen’s on Drag Race are some of the funniest people I’ve seen on telly in years and the fact that many of them have had or have such difficult lives makes what they do, all the more admirable.

For me, it’s the satirical aspect of drag that’s really appealing. It’s also one of the few art forms where the artists tear strips out of one another without anyone taking it too personally. Something we can all learn from.

If you could spend an hour with anyone from history?
This is a difficult question to answer, as a lot of the musicians who have influenced our band are utter bastards and the kind of people I’d go out of my way to avoid, if I was ever to bump into them in a pub. This is typified by none more so than Mark E. Smith. That said, I’m curious to know what he’d be like in a one on one situation, so I’d say him. In terms of non-musicians, I would gladly go for a pint with Pauline Quirke, any time. Give us a bell if you happen to read this Pauline. I’m buying.

Of all the venues you’ve been to or played, which is your favourite?
We’ve been lucky enough to play in some very strange places during our short stint around the showbiz block; train stations, Italian restaurants, Russia etc. But, my favourite venue of them all - and the venue we’ve played most - is Sound in Liverpool. It’s a basement venue, home to some of Merseyside's most beautiful freaks. The Guinness is like liquid gold in there too, which is obviously a bonus.

Your greatest unsung hero or heroine in music?
Liverpool’s been going through a real culture shift in the last couple of years. During this time, Liverpool’s produced some of its best music. A band that typifies what’s been going on, is Rongorongo. In Liverpool it’s common knowledge that they’re one of the best around but, I think they deserve a bit more recognition nationally.

Anyway, Mick Chrysalid, who fronts the band, is one of the best frontmen I’ve had the pleasure of seeing perform and consistently delivers. I also trust him implicitly and send him most of our recordings before anyone else. He tells me when it’s shite, and more often than not, I believe him.

Eyesore & The Jinx have released their new track 'Leisure Time' - the first to be taken from a new EP that will be released early in 2020. Listen, stream or purchase it at smarturl.it/eyesore_leisuretime.

Visit www.facebook.com/eyesoreandthejinx/events for details on their upcoming shows.

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