Factory Floor - debut album release!


Tuesday 10th September 2013

Factory Floor enjoy wider-spread success than perhaps any other outfit currently employing such a strict, self imposed, artistically constrictive ethos. The trio, with their industrial production line approach to constructing electronic music, have been forging this debut album, to our knowledge, for at least two years - Factory Floor being the headline act at our inaugural Sub-Sonic Live gig in November 2010, where we saw tracks such as 'Two Different Ways' deployed upon an audience in a live setting, with such impressive assertiveness and energy, that no jaw was left un-dropped. No eardrum uncompromised.

Now at last, two years later, the eponymous debut is finished and released. Sure enough, familiar tracks, ‘How You Say’, ‘Fall Back’ and ‘Two Different Ways’ are all present, along with seven other tracks, three of which are numerically titled shorts, punctuating the others into three sections of unequal length and density. Opener, ‘Turn It Up’ is stark - even by Factory Floor standards, showing less FAC73-esque electronic texture, beats and percussion than those associated with the band’s output of the last two years.

Although this sonic austerity may leave some panicking at the sound of gaps and spaces between noises, it is clear that this is an exercise in removing unnecessary elements to leave bare, minimalist music, that can still function as a dance track, like some exercise set out in a Bauhaus syllabus or the direction of one of Eno’s Oblique Strategy cards.

The resulting album is the opposite of the nebulous synth noise often passed off as experimental minimalism. Where others have ignored structure, leaving behind only inaccessible formless noise, Factory Floor have left the steel skeleton of their music exposed for all to see.

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