Monday 17th June 2019

Photograph by Lindsay Melbourne

Name, where are you from?
Bex, the band is Gaygirl. We met in London but originally we all come from different parts; Isle of Wight, Grimsby and (I'm from) Surrey.

Describe your style in three words?
Suit or Tracksuit.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
I'd have to say Blur just cause I loved them from a young age so when I finally saw them it was a special moment - and an insane show.

If you could be on the line up with any two bands in history?
Sonic Youth and Scissor Sisters.

If you could spend an hour with anyone from history?
Probably my Nan and we'd have a cup of tea and chat and laugh.

Of all the venues you’ve played, which is your favourite?
The Windmill in Brixton, it's such a great vibe and I don't think I've ever not enjoyed a night there.

Your greatest unsung hero or heroine in music?
I don't think she's unsung as such but Alison Mosshart is definitely a heroine for me in so many ways - she's an amazing performer/artist and she somehow manages to be strikingly cool and endearing at the same time.

Gaygirl's new single 'Hair' was released on 14th June 2019 (listen below). The band will also embark on a full UK tour, details of which can be found here.

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