Wednesday 17th August 2011

We are pleased to announce, with some certainty, and without any help from Birmingham's local press, that at least one blues/psych driven, leather and denim wearing four piece from the West Midlands, will be touring and releasing new material this Autumn. Guile, as in cunning and clever, are an intriguing, newish outfit, recently signed to The Salvation Recording Company, set to release their second single "Deep By The Dockery" on Monday 26th September.

Their upcoming debut album was recorded at one of Britain's three remaining analogue studios, for added authenticity, but whilst describing themselves as a blues/Americana roots orientated band, they have managed to carve out a contemporary sound for themselves.

You can have a listen here:

And check out what they're like live here:

And handily, if you like what you see and hear, their upcoming tour dates are here:

17 FAC51 - Manchester
21 The Pig and Fiddle - Bath
22 Ten Feet Tall - Cardiff
23 Flapper - Birmingham
24 The Olde Ale House - Sailsbury
26 Harry's Bar - Stoke,
29 The Cluny - Newcastle
30 Milo - Leeds

1 Maggie Mays - Glasgow
2 Fife The Greenside - Leslie

Find out more and get some free goodies at

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