Jamie isaac

South London

Wednesday 4th May 2016

Jamie Isaac

Where are you from?
South London.

What do you do?

Describe your style in three words?
Simple, Casual, Extra Large.

You can make a record with anyone from history?
I would pick Bill Evans, the master of love-drenched piano lines that I think would compliment my production style.

What’s the best show you’ve ever been to?
George Benson was an amazing gig, he’s a fierce guitarist and was great to see him on my birthday.

You can spend an hour with anyone from history?
Gil Scott-Heron. He has an amazing brain and ear and I would just like to chill with a drink with some records, nothing crazy.

Which British subculture means the most to you?
Dubstep was born out of my birthplace, Croydon and if you could have called that a subculture then I guess what stemmed from that musically, like Burial and Mount Kimbie, then I would say that means a lot to me. 

If you could share the bill with any British band in history?
Dire Straits. Around the same area as me and have great energy would like to come off stage and see them straight after.

What music did you listen to growing up?
My dad was always into his soul and funk so I was surrounded by that and it just inspired me so much as a kid.

Jamie Isaac mixes Trip-hop style electronic elements with Jazz beats and soulful vocals. Produced by his flat-mate and collaborator King Krule. His debut album 'Couch baby' was released in 2016. 'Couch Baby (Revisited)' which features new versions and remixes of songs from his debut, was released in March 2017.

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