Wednesday 11th June 2014

Every story begins with a white sheet of paper. If you imagine the musician hidden behind closed doors, lots of music also begins with a white paper sheet. And also Kobito has this white sheet of paper, but he treats it in a different way. He has a lot of childish eagerness to experiment: Copy the trace of a  coin with a pencil. Draw your own family, giving a fuck if mum has four or six fingers. Fold the paper and cut a pattern in it. What kids in mood to discover do. All this comes to your mind when listening to the music of Kobito. Watch the world with astonishment like kids do.

The cover art from the “Blaupausen“ album has a paper boat on it. Kobito always has the paper plane around his neck. And this makes sense when you see the coherence. He sends his music into the world like the plane. Not knowing when or in which condition it will return. But he does it anyway. He gives away the control and waits for stuff to happen. That’s what making music is about. Not being too fixated on yourself and brag with your ego. There has to be space for the interpretation of the listener.

If we’re now telling you that Kobito makes Rap music, no one will believe. In a business ruled by show-offs, he found a place where emotion and dreaming are allowed. If the genre rapper/songwriter isn’t existing yet, it should be made for Kobito. On “Blaupausen” you find the most honest and authentic tracks he ever wrote.

Musically he gets rid of genre boundaries. Sure, this is rap, because Kobito raps, but the music speaks in various languages and has something in it for the gangsters as well as for your granny. And what Kobito wants to transport with the lyrics is perfectly accompanied by the music. An example: If Kobito talks about the sunlight you hear it sparkling right through the monitors. Impossible? Well… have a listen.


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