Maia Vidal


Tuesday 17th July 2012

Maïa's Vidal "God Is My Bike", a fresh and surprisingly mature debut album for such a young artist , has been winning hearts all around Europe and beyond, ever since it came out in October 2011.

Maïa uses violins, accordion, guitar, percussion, toy instruments and her distinctive, strong & moving voice to compose and arrange her own unique music. She blends modern, confident songwriting with shades of old world melodies, and takes us on a journey that is at once sweet and painfully honest, yet never loses its sense of wonderment.

"God Is My Bike" was recorded in Barcelona. Gius Cobelli engineered, coproduced and played the trumpet and the drums. Marc Ribot played guitar on two songs. Maïa played all the other instruments.

Since the release of the album, Maïa Vidal has played dozens of shows around France, Spain, Germany, Switerzland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan etc. She has also become an instant sensation in Greece: her song "Follow Me" is being used in a TV commercial for Ikea, and audio uploads of the song by fans on YouTube have garnered over 500,000 views in 2 months...

After successfully translating her verbal imagery into visuals in her self-directed videos for tracks such as "Poison" and "Alphabet of my Phobias", Maïa has collaborated with director Joana Colomar to create a stunning video for "Follow Me", loosely based on a Brothers Grimm tale.  ??"God Is My Bike" was nominated for the IMPALA Awards (the pan-European, Indie Album of the Year award), alongside albums by Sigur Ros, Little Dragon, M83 and Adele.

This album is Maïa Vidal’s second record, after ‘Poison’, a self-released EP she recorded under the name Your Kid Sister, which contained versions of punk anthems by Rancid transformed into haunting lullabies and plaintive waltzes, a homage to the songs Maïa loved as a teenager.

Maïa was born in the US, of French and Japanese/German parents. She grew up in the States, studied in Montreal, and is now sharing her time between Paris and Barcelona.

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