Mina Rose

London artist taking creative control

Wednesday 30th January 2019

“Being creatively in control in everything I do is so important to me. I enjoy every part of the process and love to do as much of it myself as I can; from making tour posters to directing, filming and editing my own music videos. Collaborating with the people around me creatively is one of the best feelings ever. I hope that that passion and love translates into the final creation.”
- Mina Rose on Facebook, September 2018.

Mina Rose is from South East London and she’s part of a new generation of artists whose music and art is pushing British culture in new directions. Creating progressive pop that’s informed by, and develops idea’s from the likes of Reggae, Dub, Ska & Trip-hop. Her early singles ‘Lemons and Limes’ and ‘Kingdom’ are key examples of this. Socially and politically aware, culture and community heavily inform her art, both musically and visually.

Debut single ‘Lemons and Limes’ was heavily influenced by Smiley Culture and the beauty in the inclusive nature of a multi-cultural society. On follow up single ‘Kingdom’ Mina talks about how you can be inspired by everything around you and your individual experiences. A more personal, introspective song without being exclusive, the visuals to this track featured locations like her Grandparents flat, the Three Boys’ Home and the Tuttii Fruttii Salon - all places important to her and where she was encouraged to embrace being unique and to create.

Mina directed, produced and edited for the first time on her next video for ‘Ghost Rider’. The last track to be taken from her debut EP ‘Issue 25’. It depicts, she stated in a release, “that side of me who let's go and takes on everything the world lines up in her stride. From very early on I had a vision of myself painted silver to represent the 'ghost rider' or the 'inner me'...though there’s a lot of Marvel references in there as well.”

Mina’s next single ‘Blind Man Dreams’, was the first to be taken from her second EP ‘London Burning’ and “is a conversation I have a lot in my head about my inner strength to fight the urges of the digital world. I personified this as almost a child dealer wearing a devil costume: he targets your weaknesses and shows you everything you want, but with this innocent front. ‘Blind Man Dreams’ questions whether we are settling for an online outlet into a 2-dimensional world, rather than escaping into reality and nature; are we actually solving anything through social media activism, or are we really just standing idly by?”

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