Monday 12th December 2011

"Sealings began with two guitars and drums on an ipod and have to date released 5 eps and numerous free downloads. After tapes on FLA, Tye Die Tapes and two on Clan Destine Records, Sealings released their most recent collection on Italian Beach Babes - including globally acclaimed mega-hit King Shot - which resulted in an article in Dazed and Confused. The recordings, all done in their Brighton home, are "pop songs being smeared by black metal leanings and distorted sound scapes" (Tapelove).

Thanks to shows with, amongst others, Vivian Girls, The Telescopes and Teeth, NME deemed them a "blistering live prospect", and Neu Magazine called them "two guys grinding axes with satan by writing dark pop songs full of burning sounds and intensely badass groans"."

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