Street Sound and Style

Series celebrates British sounds and styles

Tuesday 26th September 2017

Street Sound and Style - Episode 1

Channel 4's innovative series of programmes 'Street Sound and Style' which looks at the interaction of British style and music cultures are available to view online now.

Written, directed and narrated by British photographer Ewen Spencer, 'Street Sound and Style' was originally commissioned by Channel 4 in partnership with i-D. The series focuses on different subcultures and music tribes looking at how the groups developed and interacted with each other, tracing their context, influences and lineage.

In a similar vein to Fred Perry's 2012 series of short films directed by Don Letts, 'Street Sound and Style' breaks down into four episodes, each looking at a different period. Episode 1 looks at mods, ska, skinheads and scooter boys. Episode 2 focuses on the evolution of casuals, B-boys and the phenomenon that was the Ibiza rave scene. Episodes 3 and 4 cover the development of more recent movements such as grunge and jungle, with the final programme looking at the often misunderstood subcultures of grime and emo, and looking to the future asking where British youth subculture will go next.

Watch the four-part series online at

Ewen Spencer's 2016 exhibition called 'Kick Over The Statues' dealt with a belief in youth tribes, style and subcultures. See some examples of the work below:

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