Taffy - 'HaaH'


Tuesday 13th March 2012

The most interesting act to permeate our shores of late are Tokyo Pop / shoegaze outfit Taffy. A recent signing to Club AC30 has landed them firmly in the eyes of every music journo out there looking for an Eastern take on Western sound.

In all honesty, we don't really have many Asian acts in good ol' Blighty, so when one comes along, they immediately garner a great deal of interest.

Exploding onto the scene with their debut single 'So Long', an utterly infectious track, heavy with distorted guitars, juxtaposed to Iris' soft vocals is a homage to 90's Britpop with a fusion of Eastern pop-punk. It is this twist that has landed them firmly on many "new music" websites radar, including our own.

With this in mind, to hear of another single release, taken from their upcoming LP 'Caramel Sunset' titled 'Haah' is of great interest to us. Starting on a subtler note, 'Haah' still utilises a thrashy element in its riffs, minus the distortion. This correlates perfectly alongside Iris' subdued singing style, allowing itself to flow. There is still that melodious component to grasp at your ear, rendering itself unskippable in your new music playlist.

This is a band that knows themselves and where they are heading. Consistency can either be a good or a bad thing...bad bordering on complacent. This, they are most definitely not, and we can only expect great things from their album.

'Caramel Sunset' is released May 7th through Club AC30.

Take a peek of their new video below.



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