The Van Doos


Monday 12th March 2012
the-van-doosmainThere have been whispers of a ‘90’s revival for some time now and with the arrival of Yorksire via London band The Van Doos, with their catchy, soaring guitars and Brett Anderson-esque vocals, 2012 just might be the year. With a series of one-off, sold out London shows already under their belts and the uplifting and euphoric pop brilliance of their debut EP already being described as ‘anthems in waiting’ full of choruses to ‘make football terraces jealous’ by the NME, it’s no surprise that The Van Doos have been touted as one of 2012’s most promising new British guitar acts. Forthcoming single ‘Black It Out’, with its explosive, fist-punching chorus is a fierce statement of intent from a band set for big things this year. Never before has being hung-up, obsessive, irrational and neurotic been so life affirming and unshakably optimistic. The Van Doos will catch you: Tenterhook, line and sinker.

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