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Gewinne ein Fred Perry Shirt

March 2020

Unser Lorbeerkranz ist heute mehr denn je ein Symbol der Zugehörigkeit. Als Dank an Euch- unseren treuen Fans - verschenken wir Black / Champagne Fred Perry Shirts auf Instagram.

Um teilzunehmen, folge @fredperry auf Instagram und verfolge unsere täglichen Updates. Wir werden Dir dort ein Paar Fragen stellen.

Um an unserem Giveaway teilzunehmen, müsst Du lediglich den Post liken, mit deiner Antwort kommentieren (je detaillierter, desto besser) und in Deiner Story teilen. Der Gewinner wird genau eine Woche nach dem Posting in der eigenen Story und Bekanntgabe in den Kommentaren ausgewählt. Viel Glück!

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Music can transport you, evoking memories of sweaty dancefloors, sun-drenched festivals, romantic mix tapes, best friends, long journeys… When you can’t be with your loved ones, use music to bring you closer. Listen to our playlist of the best songs to bring people together and - for your chance to be entered into our free giveaway of a Black / Champagne / Champagne Fred Perry Shirt - tell us which songs you’d add.


From the sharply-dressed mods of the ‘60s and the pinned-up punks of Kings Road, to Manchester’s baggy scene and the second summer of love. Subcultures connect us with likeminded people, give us an outlet for self-expression, and shape who we become. To be entered into our free giveaway of a Black / Champagne / Champagne Fred Perry Shirt, we want to know which subcultures have inspired you and why.


We trawled our playlists for the best songs to turn up loud. So open your windows, turn up your speakers and send us your suggestions


Let’s show some appreciation for the up-and-comers, the new music you think we should know about.

For your chance to be entered into our free giveaway of a Black / Champagne / Champagne Fred Perry Shirt, tell us which artist or band you want us to book for our next Subculture Live.


Our archive is filled with gems from the courts of the ‘50s, beautiful Italian knitwear, Harrington jackets throughout the decades and of course, polo shirts in very Fred Perry colours… Tell us your favourite piece and who knows, maybe we’ll reissue it. We’re giving away a Fred Perry Shirt to the best answer.


The Laurel Wreath remains a symbol of individuality and of belonging. Like-minded people find each other. Did your dad pass down his favourite shirt to you? Maybe you met your best friend at a SubcultureLive event?


From Raf Simons to Bella Freud to The Specials and Miles Kane, we’ve collaborated with the best over the years. Tell us which collaboration has been your favourite.


Is there anything better than seeing your favourite band play live? Tell us about your favourite live music experience. Stadium belter or intimate gig at your local independent venue?