Craig Johnson.

Where are you from?

What do you do?
Vocalist, songwriter and producer in Leeds band AUTOBAHN.

Describe your style in three words?
Smart industrial Britain.

If you could make a record with anyone from history?
Alan Vega and Martin Rev, from NYC’s Suicide. I listen to Suicide every week, they were so on point, direct and still sound like the future.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
My Bloody Valentine at London Hammersmith was pretty good, think it was the first time I saw them. I remember couples leaving clutching their ears while they were playing the holocaust.

Of all the venues you’ve played, which is your favourite?
Brudenell Social Club, Leeds.

What British music icons inspire your sound today?
David Bowie and his ability to transform and evolve has constantly moved us forward.

If you could spend an hour with anyone from history?
Robin Friday - Swan man.

Which subcultures have had an enduring effect on you?
Punk, glam and Britpop.

If you could share the bill with any band in history?
Velvet Underground circa the Exploding Plastic Inevitable tour with Andy Warhol. When I listened to this band for the first time everything made sense.

What music did you listen to growing up?
I remember lots of glam, Dylan, The Clash and Sex Pistols from an early age. Then it was all about the Manchester scene through to Britpop in my teens.

If you could re-live one year of your life?
It would be 1996, it just filled me with optimism. Oasis headlined Knebworth, Euro 96, Gazza, Jarvis runs on stage at the Brits, the start of new labour, Diana divorces the Royal Family and the Spice Girls, viva forever.

Autobahn are a 5-piece post-punk from Leeds. Their second album 'The Moral Crossing' was released in November 2017.

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