Bam Spacey


Friday 6th September 2013

After the demise of his former bands Magnus Johansson began creating music under the Bam Spacey guise in 2007. Mainly as a means to produce music solely on his own, Johansson ditched the idea of a multi-member indie outfit and followed his love for electronic music, soon creating a studio in his bedroom in Malmö, Sweden.

Bam Spacey productions are a means for Johansson to take an explorative focus on many music types including microhouse, ambient dub, and his beloved minimal techno. Even so, Johansson is very much a producer still searching for new sounds. Throughout the course of his signing to Ceremony and subsequent creation of the tracks that make up his 2012 debut for Ceremony, the Land EP, Johansson's music has morphed in and out of different norms.

What broke through is a vocal driven approach to minimal electronic music. Matched with a tripped out vision of a neon shrouded future city where big name corporations dominate the skyline and block out the sun, best exemplified within the works of Philip K. Dick, Bam Spacey leans towards a sonic approach -- one focused on optimism, movement, and color.

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