Da Lata Cover The Jam’s "Going Underground"


Monday 3rd December 2012

Da Lata's cover of "Going Underground", The Jam's Mod revival classic from the Thatcher era, is sure to warm up even the coldest depths of December, taking the seminal track and injecting it with a bossa nova twist and samba-reggae rhythm. All in all it's an eloquent juxtaposition of politically charged lyrics and serotonin drenched execution.

Featuring the vocal talent of Floetic Lara, you can listen to the single release (out 3rd December 2012) below:

You can also watch a stripped down acoustic version of the track here:

Returning from a lengthy musical sabbatical, Da Lata are songwriter and producer Chris Franck (Smoke City, Zeep) and DJ Patrick Forge. Da Lata’s as yet untitled new album draws on their worldwide family of singers and players and features Mayra Andrade, Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Luisa Maita, Jandira Silva, Graveola, and Diabel Cissokho amongst a cast of many more who’ve all helped craft an album with a much rawer, all live approach, full of Afro-Brazilian flavour and London attitude.

Find out more at www.dalatamusic.com


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