Monday 12th November 2012

With a style and a band anchored in the 50's and 60's, the third album of Framix, Stuck In Cruel A World, construes ten songs in technicolor, in a perfect balance between nostalgia and youthful enthusiasm. From the Rock n roll of Sam Phillips's label Sun, to the reggae of 'Scratch' Perry's label Black Ark, it is a music that cunjors poetic pictures leaving us with mental postcards. 

A technicolor aesthetic sends us directly back to the 50's and 60's, Stuck In Cruel A World is a studio disc, as one would talk about studio film, with hand made settings and a very unique manner of fashioning a universe with different materials: rock n roll, ska, reggae, rhythm n blues and soul. Framix's third album is the fruit of two years of trials and tribulations in the studio, with the support of Yann Jaffiol (My Studio, Nantes). It is there that a nostalgic bend in style has been drawn and henceforth liberated the music from machines and samples, recorded with old equipment but with new ideas. Between nonchalance and excitement, Framix's melodies are rhythmic and swaying, with swooning guitars and tangy keyboards. With confusing nimbleness, the voice of François Michel slalomes in nostalgia with a smile in the corner of his mouth. Half way between the American studio Sun Records and the Jamaican Black Ark Studio, Stuck In Cruel A World is a potential course of treatment for revitalizing ones youth.

For his third album, Framix sets the setting: A drive in, the teddyboys, the radio that crackles rock n roll with adverts for the future, the innocence and the enthusiasm of the 50's and 60's, the adolescence of a modern world today throwing it's last dice. With songs and cinema reel to say it. It is the deeporiginality of François Michel's project : Ever since the beginning of Framix, the images and music create a universe that has never been so coherent as on Stuck In cruel A World, thought out and arranged like a great movie, with dialogues and songs put together like scenes. We hear Candy and Billy, two young lovers mysteriously threatened. Their two scenes open each of the two parts of the album. We could easily believe borrowed from American Graffiti but they were infact written and recorded for the occasion, like a short film that accompanies the disc. In this dream of a golden age we fantasize in these technicolor songs, gliding us into the contemporary shadow of solitude, we become enriched by visiting these eras.

Preceded by two trailers, the singles The Big Falls and I Can’t Refuses It in 2011 (playlist RADIO NOVA and France INTER), Stuck In Cruel A World is a new step in the journey of François Michel, alone on the controls of Framix since the end of the 90's. A first album in 2001 (Framix, mixed ambient électro with reggae and the music of the islands), collaborations (Kazamix) and then the craving to speak with the world. In 2009, Happy Animals is an important turning point: without losing his handyman tools for sound, his machines and his love of reggae, Framix comes close to formating a song. Welcoming mixed influences: ska, hawaiian music, country, rock steady, reggae, rockabilly melts into it all joyfully. "I am attracted to musical styles when they are in their experimentational phase, or research period, before the limitations of a styleare fully defined", exclaims François Michel, with the innocence and enthusiasm he borrows from his hereos for his new opus, rediscover permanently the New World.

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