Gary Powell

Los Angeles

Thursday 16th August 2018

Gary Powell

What do you do?
Musician, DJ, Composer / Arranger, Label boss, humanitarian and general all-round dogs body...

Where are you from?
Well, I am in LA Right now. I used to hate it here, but after meeting a good few genuine people I have grown quite fond of the City. So, for now, LA is my home - but soon it will be somewhere else. As long as I have a hat to lay down.

Describe your style in three words?

Best Gig you have ever been to?
Probably seeing Mucky Pup play the Red Spot in Staten Island with my best friend back in New Jersey Rob Pachoda. It was a full on hardcore gig and we were both in the mosh pit when I got hit down and stamped on a few times, and then I lashed out - only to hit a skin head in the face (did I mention that he had a swastika tattooed on the centre of his forehead?) with my boot. He just clean dragged me up and shoulder barged me back into the madness and that was the end of that. My ribs hurt the day after but it was a monumental night! Either that, or being able to see Miles Davis play when I was a kid. Genius!!!!

If you could have signed one music artist in history - who would it be?
That’s a toughy - but it would be a cage fight between Quincy Jones, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Thundercat and Flylo. And I’d have them in the studio all together at the same time creating one super group with me and Quincy Jones at the helm (ok, more Quincy Jones than me but I can make a mean cup of tea…)

Which drummer do you most admire?
I have so many different influences - so what I’ll do is morph them into one super drummer for you. The guy that initially gave me my buzz for drumming I guess would be Philly Joe Jones from my grandad’s record collection, but then I got into Cozy Powell (go figure) and from there Dennis Davis. I felt out of love with drumming for while - but then found the glory that is Dave Weckl from Chic Corea and the Electrik Band (specifically Eye of the Beholder). That was the album that changed my life and reinvigorated my desire to play the drums!

Gary Powell is perhaps best known as the drummer with The Libertines, but also currently plays with The Specials as part of their line up for their 2016 American/European tours. He also runs his own record label, 25 Hour Convenience Store. 


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