Tuesday 7th May 2013

Ana Rab, better known by her stage name Gnučči (formerly known as Gnučči Banana) is an exuberant Swedish vocalist/rapper/performer/songwriter, quickly on the rise, establishing a name for herself with her unique take of club music. You could call it rap (her skills with quick witted couplets are testament to that). Some call it tropical bass. It is undeniable dance music (just try to stand still), but it’s also pop for a new decade, rich with many textures and sounds. Most simply put, Gnučči uses her interest in a wide field of styles and musical spaces to make bombastic, tropical influences, bass-oriented songs that fuse pop, dancehall, electronica, balkan styles and house.

She has a great number of hyped features under her belt as she has collaborated with everyone from South African genius Spoek Mathambo to Swedish pop star Tove Styrke, German bass bosses Schlachthofbronx to hip hop legends Looptroop Rockers. Gnučči served up her debut EP “Oh My Goodness!” under her own imprint Famalam Records/Sony late August 2012 that went straight to the top 10 on the Swedish iTunes chart.

In 2013 eyes and ears should be kept on Gnučči, she will release a Remix-EP of "Oh My Goodness!" as well as brand new material. Whether you are hit by her energetic cadence, witty raps (some of which are outright hilarious) or her charming voice and hooks, Gnucci is proving herself a vital new voice in music!

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