Go Go Berlin


Tuesday 12th November 2013

Go, go, go, go… The new Danish rock-band Go Go Berlin is heading for the stars. At the moment it seems like there is no limit for how big they can become.

As one of the most hyped names on SPOT Festival there were great expectations for the show Friday night. And neither the audience nor people from the music industry went home feeling disappointed. Because there is something about the hype; Go Go Berlin know their musical craft, they master the style and attitude and they deliver a performance that reaches far beyond the stage.

The concert at SPOT received 5/6 stars from the Danish music magazine GAFFA and they wrote:

"Only few seconds into the opening track "Gimme Your" they had come far beyond the edge of the stage with their melodic and captivating rock (...) They're young, they're talented, and they want to make it. And judging by the concert at SPOT they'll make it - in the very near future."

Go Go Berlin play classic, timeless rock with roots in the 70’ies. It is rock ’n’ roll dreams, but also hard work and 100 % dedication. Despite of their young age and wildness, Go Go Berlin possesses a professionalism that makes them deliver a fast-paced and intense live show – every time.

Go Go Berlin played 44 concerts in own name in 2012, and has at the moment more than 80 shows planned for 2013 as a headlining act – including all the lager Danish festivals such as Roskilde Festival, Spot Festival, Smukfest, Nibe Festival and Jelling Festival among others.

A rather impressive calendar for a band that releases their first single this spring.

The single “Raise Your Head” will be released the 13th of May in Denmark and is forerunner for the debut album that hits the streets in September.

Go Go Berlin is something genuine, something alive and just on the verge of becoming something really big!

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