Micko Westmoreland


Sunday 24th January 2016

What is your name?
Micko Westmoreland

Where are you from?
Leeds originally - Kentish Town in London now.

What do you do?
Sing, play guitar, paper & comb.

Describe your style in three words?
1965 meets 1980.

How should your music be listened to?
It can be listened to in any place, in any way and through any stereo . When your music goes out into the world, it ceases to be exclusively yours, so you can’t be too precious about that stuff. Other people start to form associations and attachments like love or hate it. In an ideal world people would pay attention to it though. I wouldn’t like my stuff to become elevator music, but then that would depend on which decade or century it’s being played in and who’s in the elevator...

What do you miss about home when you’re on tour?
My knitted monkey, he’s too old to travel now.

What British music icons inspire your sound today?
Pete Townsend, Johnny Marr & Brian Eno (in their heydays).

Micko Westmoreland is known for his acting as well as his music with film credits including 1998's 'Velvet Goldmine'. His recent album 'Yours etc ABC' featured contributions from notable musicians including Mickey Gallagher from The Blockheads, Mark Bedford from Madness, Terry Edwards (PJ Harvey, Tony Visconti’s Holy Holy) and Phil Wilkinson (Jake Bugg) on drums. His new 'Remixes' album features tracks reworked by himself alongside remixers including Luke Vibert and Mike Paradinas.


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