Tuesday 8th January 2013

NITCH everything begins 5 1/2 years ago, its origins go back to 2007, specifically in the spring, when Helio Reguera (Guitar and Vocals) with only 14 years, decided to create the band with Hector SequiÅL (Drums), at this time that would be the embryo of the Barcelona group.

Everything starts doing covers of Nirvana, and soon as posible Victor Cruz (Bass) join the group. That same year they recorded their first demo in studio, Youth and National Submission, product of improvisation and good treatment among friends, in this way they begin to consolidate their music and live shows.

So far they have given shows in venues such as La [2] Apolo Nitsa Club, Sidecar, Moog, Monasterio, BeGood, Jazz Cava (Vic), and Festival Hoteler 2011. And to his credit they have played with bands like Die! Die! Die!, Der Ventilator, Crash Normal, Cuzo, Ohios, Pinata, Zephyr Lake, Subfobias, Nerobambola and many other well-known in the underground scene of Barcelona. In 2010 they know Carlos Alvarez , SAE student, and later his manager. With him they start the first NITCHÅLs LP, which took a year to be produced, completely self-produced and mastered at Studio.

Hit Makers by Marco Rostagno. JC/29 as titles his first job, collect the sweat, pain and blood of NITCH, and its published physically in two parts: the first part in black vinyl 10 " (all covers handcrafted), and the second part in transparent cassette by Boston Pizza Records, also available digitally for sale on iTunes and for streaming on Spotify. NITCH, are Helio, Hector, Victor and you.

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