Polina Parygina


Friday 12th April 2019

Name, where are you from?
Polina Parygina. I’m basing in Moscow, but originally I’m from Siberian town — Irkutsk, near fabulous lake Baikal.

What do you do?
I’m a Jedi of design and illustrations.

Describe your style in three words?
Russian Gopnik princess

Which music defines the teenage you?
I guess rock music mostly: The Rolling Stones, Queen, Gorillaz, RHCP. Then, it was Russian rock music and Soviet funk like Аукцыон, Земфира, группа Кино, Жанна Агузарова. Later, I fell in love with jazz and blues music, like Tom Waits. After that I opened for myself for rap music —Wu-Tang Clan and now, I’m an ultimate all-kind-music lover.

A British icon who has inspired you, and why?
Right now it’s Elton John as a great musician. But also, it is David Hockney and Jamie Hewlett as great artists. I love Hockney’s colour and peace, and Hewlett’s characters — they’re truly punk.

What has been your all-time favourite gig?
Once, I was at Аукцыон gig, accidentally. It felt amazing. They’re professional artists and when you’re listening to them there's so much electricity in that music. It’s fantastic. Also, I love rapper Haski's gigs — it’s the same feelings, but more angry and sharp. I like that aggressive style, maybe cause I’m a peaceful person in life.

What is your favourite independent venue to watch live music?
I don’t go to gigs that much, but I like Pluton and Power House in Moscow. Sometimes, my friends and I go there for new Russian musicians, because it’s really interesting, what happens right now in the Russian music industry. There a lot of new music, which reflect all the news from our country.

Do you have a favourite local record shop?
I guess I like Vinyl Market.

Tell us about the illustration which you drew for Record Store Day?
Before I made this work, I thought about subculture in Russia, discussed this topic with my friends and after all I understood, that the image of a martyr and rank of main culture in Russia right now is rappers, especially Haski. (Rapper Haski was arrested because he climbed onto the roof of the car to speak to fans who could not get to his concert due to the warnings of the prosecutor's office.) Then, I imaged that rappers are the main characters in the Russian field, so this image is of a saviour from crowdedness and boredom. Like Saint George from the coat of arms of Moscow.

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