Pravin Naidu


Tuesday 20th November 2018

Introduce yourself (Name, what do you do)
I’m P R A V, I’m a DJ and Co-founder of Wav(y), the force that’s been bringing you the hardest new school Hip-Hop bangers in all of Singapore. Inspired by the new futuristic way of describing something in a positive connotation, .Wav(y) signifies the best music selections championed by sneaker-heads, streetwear enthusiasts and a new age hip-hop audience.

Describe your style in 3 words?
Sportswear, cosy, vintage.

What does the Fred Perry Shirt mean to you?
With the heritage and icons who have donned the Fred Perry Shirt, it means being original, never conforming to the norm and excelling in your craft to me.

What is the first song you played on repeat?
I can’t exactly remember the first song that I played on repeat but just growing up in a household where my parents listened to music heavily got me into music at a very young age.

What is one record you would keep forever?
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West. The production on that album is impeccable. It’s a timeless record.

What is a song lyric that has inspired you?
“Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud” - Kanye West (Homecoming)

That line has inspired me to follow my dreams and always stay true to the vision that i believe in.

What has been the best gig you've been to?
It is a tie between Singfest 2010 and Laneway 2016, both festivals had an incredible lineup. Saw some great acts I’ve always wanted to catch live and discovered plenty of new ones too. Saw Chance the Rapper live lately and that didn’t disappoint either, crazy energy and stage presence. Got me really inspired after the night.

Who is your ultimate British musical icon?
Skepta, he has broken barriers and never given up on his quest to elevate Grime music. The sheer determination and perseverance to push a form of music that’s so underground to an international demographic makes him a British musical icon for me personally.

What song do you wish you had written?
'Waves' by Miguel. Not only is the title of the track synonymous to me but Miguel is also one of the greatest modern-day songwriters and this song proves it.

Where do you go to see live music?
There isn’t a specific place. If the music is good and it’s an artist that I love, I would travel anywhere to catch them live.

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