Name, where are you from?
PUSSYLIQUOR from Brighton. Ari, Hannah, Lucy, Tallulah and Vikki!

Describe your style in three words?
Lots Of Fun.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
Dead Kennedys at BoomTown 2018. Being in our twenties and whatnot we missed out on a ton of live shows from punk bands that formed before our time, the music is an entirely different experience live and it had an effect on us that was greater than any we’d felt listening to recordings or watching videos. The messages in each song hit much harder. You make a real connection with the music, the artists and the rest of the audience. It was amazing to feel a part of such a thing and you can’t help but feel uplifted, driven and inspired to carry on their messages.

If you could be on the line up with any two bands in history?
No Doubt, because Gwen Stefani is amazing and deserves more recognition for how hard she worked in that band, she never gave up when everyone around her was ready to give in, her ambitions saw her and the band through to the end. They went through a lot, today they are seen as a four piece but they originally started out with nine members.
Limp Bizkit, they had a great influence on our generation along with many other great bands from the noughties, their music is reflected in the style of our own and of our friends. You’d imagine sharing a stage with them would give you some kind of gnarly stage powers.

Which subcultures have influenced you?
We are influenced by the many talented and outspoken people in the queer community, people who’re branded miscreants for their way of life and had to fight for acceptance through peace and art. We are surrounded by so many talented individuals and their creations and demeanours are very inspiring. Alongside that we’ve taken influence from bands in the Punk and Riot Girl era, presenting their unapologetic messages in music and creating a sense of community they’ve set us a good example.

If you could spend an hour with anyone from history?
(Lucy) David Bowie because his songwriting and general creativity/influences are something I look up to and would want to know more about first hand. - Lucy
(Ari and Tallulah) Jesus, so we can get lots of bread and also ask what is his favourite thing for dinner.

Of all the venues you’ve played, which is your favourite?
It’s hard to choose! We’ve played in a skatepark before, that was great because there was such a sense of community, no barriers between the bands or the audience. We really like the Five Bells as well, from the time we played there and the shows we’ve seen it seems like a really cool multifunctional venue. Downstairs you have the stage which overlooks the rest of the pub, then upstairs you have a great space for exhibitions. We think it gives the community lots of opportunities to put on events that showcase a variety of art forms, combining music and art together along with people! We’re going to be playing our next release show there with 5.18 mag, we get to show off our friend's artwork and celebrate our new sh*t!! Banging.

Your greatest unsung hero or heroine in music?
Carol Kaye is a huge inspiration. Growing up during the 1950s, she never let the archaic, misogynistic views deter her away. Playing on 10,000 records in her career and yet her name is still not entirely known among the general public. She was one of the first women that our bassist, Tallulah saw playing the bass and it was the first time she realised gender doesn’t have to hold you back from playing certain instruments. She is a true legend.

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