Wednesday 14th March 2018

Name, where are you from and what do you do?
We are Skinny Girl Diet - Ursula, Delilah and Amelia, from North London.

Describe your style in three words:
D - Divine, fabulous, sassy.
A - Monochrome and androgynous.
U - Cool cool cool, haha.

What is your all-time favourite gig?
A - This Japanese metal band called Maximum the Hormone...
D - ...I had tinnitus for a week after that gig. My favourite was probably The Horrors when I was like 10 at The Coronet in Elephant and Castle. It was before their Strange House album so an early gig. That was really fun.  
A - I wanna change mine... we went to see The Breeders for their Last Splash tour, they came back on stage and said they were going to play the whole of POD (their debut album). Kelley Deal gave D her setlist...
D - ...it was just random, I grabbed it...
A - ...so that was probably the best one. Particularly considering our distance from Kim Deal.
U - Maybe The Slits at Offset Festival... oh wait, Prince at KOKO in Camden. It was maybe a year before he passed, and he was doing random gigs in London. I got in for free, it was amazing – the best gig of my life. 

Which British music icons inspire your sound today?
U - David Bowie.
D - Yeah we’ve always looked up to him. Amy Winehouse. The Slits.
U - The Clash, Sex Pistols.
A - I really like Gang Of Four. I’ve been listening to them recently.
U - The Raincoats, X-Ray Spex... there’s so many.  

How should your music be listened to?
D - On a yacht somewhere drinking champagne hahaha…or while you’re planning for the revolution.
A - I really want someone to overlay one of our songs on that video of Richard Spencer getting punched in the face... I might have to do it myself. 

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