Spokes' November House & Hip-Hop Spotify Playlist


Friday 23rd November 2012

Spokes is a DJ and blogger, with a passion for house, hip-hop and all things bass heavy. Spokes founded music blog Loose Synths a couple of years ago alongside friends Shooting Horses & DLVRY. Find out more about Spokes' November picks below.

01. Kendrick Lamar - Compton: The breakout hip hop artist of 2012, Lamar has just released his debut album 'good kidd, m.A.A.d City' off the back of the critically acclaimed 'Section 80' mixtape and is fully deserving of the enormous amount of hype he's been receiving. Not since Kanye have we heard a rapper as ambitious as this and for me the Just Blaze produced 'Compton' is one of his best tracks yet.

02. Raime - We Must Hunt Under the Wreckage Of Many Systems: A dark and disorientating track from one of the most intriguing production duos to emerge this year. 'WMHUTWOMS' melds the sonics of dub techno with the percussive flair of Shackleton to create a cavernous industrial soundscape that you can get completely lost in.

03. Walton - Cool It VIP: UK funky has had something of a resurgence recently, with producers such as Beneath, Wen & Walton channelling the textures and sounds of grime and early dubstep into a much tougher form of house that funky first hinted at in 08/09. This tune from Walton takes all the best elements of Ruff Sqwad instrumentals (midi strings, gun shots etc...) and reworks them at 130bpm. It's wicked.

04. Pinch - Qawwali: One of dubstep's original figure heads and founder of the enormously influential Tectonic Recordings, Rob Ellis AKA Pinch is just about to drop a retrospective release 'MIA', which collects together all the non-label tracks and remixes he's made over the past 6 years. At time when dubstep has become increasingly fragmented, linked only by a common tempo, 'MIA' serves as a timely reminder of how important a producer he is for the genre, with Qawwali still shining bright as his magnum opus.

05. Jay-Z - You Don't Know: A trip into the hip hop archives with this one. 'You Don't Know' is one of my favourite cuts from Jay-Z's seminal Blueprint album and it finds him telling his rags to riches story atop of a blistering Just Blaze production.

06. Slackk - 90 Years: Slackk is one of the most underrated producers around at the moment, melding together elements of funky, house, techno and grime in a unique and often irreverent fashion that is much needed at a point where we are over saturated with distinctly average releases. The 'Pulse X' baiting '90 Years' is taken from his excellent 'Raw Missions' EP which came out on Local Action Records earlier this year. You should also check out the equally good 'Almost Transparent'.

07. Robert Hood - Better Life: An absolutely beautiful piece of electronica from the original master of minimal techno, Robert Hood. This was taken from his most recent release 'Motor: Nighttime World 3', a concept album inspired by Detroit's post-industrial collapse. I'd also recommend checking out his earlier stuff, such as 'SH.101' taken from his classic 'Minimal Nation' album.

08. Action Bronson - Shiraz: The man was a professional chef and is now a kick ass rapper. That's basically the greatest C.V. ever. (The tune is excellent as well).

09. Daphni - Yes, I Know: Caribou front man Dan Snaith runs a side project making awesome house tunes under the name 'Daphni' and he's just released his debut album 'Jialong', which 'Yes I Know' is taken from. I've got a serious soft spot for french touch and filter house, and this track does an excellent job of re-contextualising the genres' best elements alongside a lovely woozy bassline - serious party vibes!

10. Chambochè - Anodyne: Chambochè has been making waves for a couple of years now, releasing some excellent records on various labels including Under The Shade, Throne Of Blood and Black Key. On his latest release for Delayed Audio, he has created a heavily swung, slow burning, 2-step/deep house hybrid that works really rather well.

11. Aphex Twin - Xtal: A classic track from a nearly perfect release. If you don't own this album then go and buy it straight away. Essential.

12. Nas - The Don: The title pretty much sums it up. A welcome return to form from one of rap's greatest and a sure fire future classic to boot. Check out the original sample; a prime bit of Dancehall from Super Cat.

You can catch Spokes DJ'ing next at Loose Synths at The Alibi in Dalston on 08/12/12 - for more info head here.


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