Terrible Feelings


Friday 9th November 2012

After infinite discussions concerning aesthetics, lyricism and musical preferences, “Terrible Feelings” was chosen as the most fitting name for this musical outfit, which saw the light of day sometime late summer 2009, in Malmö, Sweden. Whilst the band may have its origins in an eternally blossoming punk scene, Terrible Feelings represents so much more than that.

With music and lyrics rooted in 70s devil-worshipping hard rock and 80s spleeny new wave, Terrible Feelings play a sophisticated and gloomy mixture of power pop and punk. 

After having been biding time for the majority of 2009 and 2010, the band released not one, but three singles in 2011, on both European and North American shores, to wide critical and public acclaim. The band also completed three European tours that same year, and shared stages with acts such as Jeff the Brotherhood, Yussuf Jerusalem, and Night Birds, and was hand-picked by Fucked Up to open on the Scandinavian leg of their fall tour. 

April 2012 saw the release of “Shadows”, Terrible Feelings’ debut full length. The album was recorded at Tambourine Studios in their hometown, in January 2012. Co-producer Erik Sunding spurred them to use more than ten different guitars and amps, old beat up drums, farfisa, hammond, piano and tons of rippling percussion. The outcome is 12 quite different songs, somehow all tied together by a common notion; walking hand in hand towards a bleak future. For those with a weakness for melancholic yet danceable punkrock, this record might just prove to be an essential staple in any collection.

The release was followed by a European tour in April, a US East Coast tour in June, some festival gigs, and yet another European tour in September. Terrible Feelings were also handpicked by none other than reunited hardcore act Refused to open select dates on their European tour. With winter soon upon us, the band is planning to hibernate in the rehearsal space and record something soon. There are always more plans in the works. Watch out.

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