The School


Thursday 21st August 2014

THE SCHOOL is a  band hailing from Wales, UK.

Eight young people fronted by charming Liz from the also very charming bubblegum psychedelic popsters THE LOVES. She is the main singer and keyboard player, and surrounding her we find Rosie (acoustic guitar and backing vocals), Steph (violin), Josh (drums), Ryan (bass), Ceri (electric guitar and backing vocals) and Filmryan (glockenspiel and percussion).

Combining such influences as indie-pop and the brightest shimmering 60's productions, THE SCHOOL's style is a Brit version of sunshine pop with moments of light and shadow, the kind of infectious, hyper-melodic pop you can simultaneously cry and dance to. Sophisticated, happy songs, with a little melancholy thrown in them, inspired by THE BEACH BOYS (and the fantastic AMERICAN SPRING, produced by Brian Wilson), THE BEATLES, Phil Spector and girl bands from the 60's. Not forgetting, of course, other current bands with whom they share references and tastes, bands that also wrap their sweet melodies in wonderful keyboard and string arrangements, bands like BELLE & SEBASTIAN, SATURDAY LOOKS GOOD TO ME, CAMERA OBSCURA, Jim Noir, LUCKY SOUL, THE BRUNETTES or LITTLE MY.

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