The Stepkids


Monday 3rd October 2011

Hailing from Connecticut, The Stepkids are a three-piece psychedelic rock band with a new, self-titled album out on Stones Throw Records.

A trio of songwriters and vocalists, The Stepkids (Jeff Gitelman on guitar, Tim Walsh on drums and Dan Edinberg on bass and keyboards) cut their teeth as touring musicians for a number of popular R&B and rap artists, including Alicia Keys, 50 Cent and Lauren Hill. The new album follows two 12” singles on Stones Throw, "Legend in My Own Mind" and "Shadows on Behalf."

Stateside caught the band in support of U.K. sensations The Horrors recently, and was taken aback by the spot-on three part harmonies, creeping guitar arpeggios and the group’s skillful incorporation of classic soul, 70’s funk and free jazz into a tightly-wound, fuzzed-out sound. The Stepkids took the stage dressed head to toe in white, backed by a towering screen. Video projections bounced light and images off of the players and backdrop, creating a lysergic visual to accompany the music.

The album’s ten tracks, which include short intro and outro segments along with the previously released singles, encompass trippy funk (the deranged “Brian Ninja”), slinky soul (“Suburban Dream”), some serious Sly & the Family Stone worship (“Santos and Ken”), acid folk (“La La”), 60’s psych (“Wonderfox”) and 70’s A.M. radio (the poppy “Cup Half Full”).

The Stepkids are currently on tour, with shows scheduled in Philadelphia, Boston, NYC, Costa Mesa (California), Los Angeles and San Diego. Two shows are scheduled for Connecticut in October, and on 2 November the band will be joined by label mate Peanut Butter Wolf for a gig in Tokyo.


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