Zero Seven 'On My Own' Preview


Wednesday 21st August 2013

Sam Hardaker & Henry Binns, better known as Zero 7, have decided to take the distribution of their own music into their own hands, using opportunities opened up by the growth and reliance of the internet to its full extent.

In 2010, the London duo put out a best of album, simply called 'Record', and now they have revealed details of the first new material since the release of their fourth album 'Yeah Ghost' back in 2009.

‘On My Own’, will be released as a white label 12-inch and as a download, and will feature vocal tracks recorded earlier this year in their London studio from Australian Danny Pratt on the title track (listen below), and Tom Leonard from Los Angeles on ‘Don't Call it Love’.

The new music from Zero 7 draws from the previous output of Post-club sounds, and Sam and Henry have maintained soothing vocal contributions overlaying toned-down instruments, giving a fresh and elevating sound as a whole. Definitely worth a listen.


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