Ace City Racers


Monday 17th September 2012

2012 will see the release that fans of intelligent guitar music have been waiting for. Produced by Stephen Street, "Waiting" picks up the torch passed from The Smiths through Blur and Pete Doherty.

In classic British art-rock tradition the track is a witty and colourful look at a world in which everything has been seen and done. Unashamedly pop, "Waiting" shows you can be cool and know how to play.

In their brief time together Ace City Racers have refused to follow the tired path of the average guitar band. Born of a manifesto to challenge, and bored of traditional venues Ace City Racers have made a name for themselves by staging events at open air Lidos and Mayday tea parties. Along the way they have also paid their dues by playing the odd support slot for Sound of Guns, Viva Brother, Bis, Franz DJ sets, and playing the main stage of Liverpool Sound City 2011.

Unusually for a band who stridently champion melodic guitar music, Ace City Racers embrace influences such as Krautrock, Glamrock, Northern Soul, Synthpop, Postpunk and Psychedelia as their future records will testify. Picked as Gill Mills Myspace band of the week, featured as The Sun's ones to watch, and selected for NME video and radio play, Ace City Racers have their eyes on the prize.


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