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Tuesday 16th April 2019

Photograph by Colt St. George

Beth Jeans Houghton, stage name Du Blonde, released her new album 'Lung Bread For Daddy' in March 2019. A raw, introspective, emotional and explosive record that is the culmination of over ten years of musical and personal growth.

Beth is a multi-disciplinary artist with a relentless creative appetite who has had a love for drawing from an early age. Born the daughter of two graphic designers she was actively encouraged to express herself through art and initially dreamt of a career as a fashion designer or artist.

After touring her 2015 album ‘Welcome Back to Milk’ Beth released issue #1 of her comic book 'Butt Hurt' which was made up of illustrations depicting awkward social situations and lucid dreams she’d had.

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers saw 'Butt Hurt' and liked it, so they commissioned Beth to do 10 illustrations to be used in the video for their single 'Sick Love'. Close to the single's release, Beth found out the band hadn’t yet hired an animation team for the video and volunteered herself to do it.

Having grown up on a healthy diet of pre-CGI animated films and TV shows and inspired by a variety of childhood sources from 'Fantasia' to 'The Rugrats', Beth was eager to teach herself how to animate and worked tirelessly day and night for seven weeks in order to get the video finished in time for the release. Despite her only previous animating experience coming from hand-drawn flipbooks and short stop motion films made on her bathroom floor when she was younger.

She has since gone on to art direct the Red Hot Chilli Pepper's merchandise for their 2016 Getaway Tour, including t-shirts, plectrums, backstage passes and even a snowboard.

This led to working closely with Ezra Furman on various projects too, from visuals for his live shows, tour merch (including a tea towel) and poster designs. Beth was also the creator behind the animated video for 'Suck The blood From My Wound', which was the third single and opening track from Ezra Furman's 2018 album 'Transangelic Exodus'.

Beth has also created merch for the End Of The Road Festival and also made the video for LUMP's track 'May I Be Light'. On her website, Beth states:

"I was fortunate enough to see LUMP at one of their live shows a while back and was blown away, so to be able to animate one of my favourite songs from their record was a delight. A feature of their live shows is Laura [Marling]'s silence between songs. An enigmatic soul flanked by two energetic guitar players. I wanted to capture the ethereal quality of her presence through animation." 

Beth's thirst for experimentation across different disciplines looks set to continue, not only with her musical evolution and reinvention but also pushing the boundaries of her own artistic ability. In fact, she is now also now teaching herself to code so she can make a videogame and she has reportedly nearly finished her first novel.

Beth Jeans Houghton released her third record, and second under her Du Blonde moniker titled 'Lung Bread for Daddy' in March 2019. Purchase it at smarturl.it/LungBreadForDaddy.

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